Daniella Petkoff

Telling stories of love, happiness and growing personalities through lens and light.

Hello! I’m glad you landed here. It’s giving me a chance to tell you more about myself and my passion.

I am Dani - the lady behind the camera. I feel strong for capturing love and emotions, especially those associated with the beginning and growth of a family. I specialise in newborn photography, baby photography and boutique wedding photography.

In the past 6 years, I worked tirelessly to turn my passion into a successful business. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the love and support of my family, who were my backbone all through. As a mother of 3 lovely children, I often find my inspiration in them. They have been models for many of my newborn photography and other projects throughout the years. These family moments create a powerful bond and we cherish and love them.

I believe photography is an art and a calling. A raw talent should always be polished, which is why I underwent extensive training to become the attentive and creative photographer that I am today. Now I pass my knowledge onto others and often have an assistant with me on a family portrait or a baby photoshoot.

Nevertheless, I continue learning new skills and techniques in this endless and ever so exciting route.

Newborn photography will always be my passion. However, I also take on a few boutique weddings per year to produce candid and romantic images for a couple, madly in love. Remember, my lens tells love stories.

My newborns and baby photoshoots aim to put on focus the natural, pure personality of your child, complemented by simple, delicate and subtle props, backdrops and light. I use exclusive materials, sourced from various parts of the world and I also make some of the props myself, just to emphasise on how special your baby is to me.

I take pride in being one of the few newborn photography providers in London and the UK, offering delicate digital compositions, in addition to the classical clean newborn imagery. These are often bespoke orders on specific themes and only on limited edition basis.

Every time I book a session, I feel extremely honoured to be chosen to capture your precious personal moments in a baby or family portrait photoshoot.  It’s a privilege to document the miraculous new life you’ve created and frame those gorgeous memories that will last and be loved for generations. The cute pout, the awkward hair, the tiny toes and clutching fingers - little pieces of the jigsaw that complete the larger picture of your life. And ah, those eyelashes!

I am humbled to be your storyteller and a part of your family legacy. In simple words, I love my job!