Civil Marriage Ceremony - wedding photography

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The first time I spoke with the bride Vera she was so excited and nice that she got me hooked right away. Often the first impression in any business is crucial of how the things are going to go. Vera was her true self, slightly nervous about the big day but at the same time all smiles and she sounded like no matter what may happens she won't let anything shade on her happiness. This was such a good vibe to begin our work together with. For me personally the radiation of happiness establishes an emotional connection with the couple which makes my job so much fun. An ideal bride attitude relaxed and smiling, only caring about the moment and sharing the best with her closest friends. That is what a wedding day should be all about. I wish all brides forget about creating the perfect day for everyone else rather than focus on themselves and enjoying it in full. 
I didn't met Dan before the wedding day and he was a bit stiff to begin with but look at him later in the day....right to the cigarette at the end.  Looked like he only waited to grab his new bride and dive down into the sentiment.


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