Greek Orthodox Christening,

Baptism and First Communion Photography


Greek and Eastern Orthodox Christening or Baptism are one of the most important events in your child’s life, a joyful magical occasion where family and friends can meet and welcome your little one into the family of GOD.  Bringing all together can be very precious especially on such a seminal occasion and capturing the story in photos is essential. 

No-one can help but be moved by the grace and poignancy of the event. It inspires us every time. 

What can you expect from your christening photography?

We shoot in photo journalistic documentary style and use the available light to ensure discreet and sensitive capture of every wonderful candid moment and tiny detail. All you need to do is focus on the christening/baptism itself. We’ll take those amazing modern, contemporary images for you without causing a distraction. From capturing the atmosphere from begging to end, the beauty of the venue, your guests smile, as well as your reactions to the all key moment of the service itself.

We can also arrange to take some group portraits of your family and friends if you like. These are recommended to take place before the actual ceremony as the baby gets tired by the end of it.

Your reception won’t be left uncovered. We’ll document the fun and beauty of your celebration after the ceremony too.

Let us know if you have any priorities, we’re more than happy to take those on board – we want you to have christening or baptism photographs that you are proud of and really love. 

We have photographed many Greek and Eastern Orthodox Christening ceremonies in our local Greek Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour, Greek Orthodox Church of Saints Constantine and Helen and St John Coptic Orthodox Church by simply being the closest to us but also many central London Orthodox Churches.

We’ve enjoyed also photographing Baptism and First Communion ceremonies in Catholic, Protestant or Anglican Churches. Local Churches to us in Greenwich borough are many.

If the scale of the event requires, I will bring an assistant or videographer with me to ensure all your requirements are met.

Whatever your thoughts head over to my Contact Form or give me a call. Can’t wait to hear all about this sacred event.