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5 Exquisite Wedding and Corporate Venues in London

November 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


London is one of the several cities in the world in which almost every company has an office.

In such an environment, leaving a proper impression is a must in every business and social occasion.

In line with that, when people from these circles organise their wedding ceremonies, they sometimes want to add a touch of corporate to it.

That’s why some C-level bridal couples decide to organise their wedding at venues that can give a business feeling.

From the City to lavish suburbs, London offers dozens of exquisite venues.

In this article, we’re going to present seven top picks from our point of view.


1)London Eye


Situated between Hungerford Bridge and Westminster Bridge, the London Eye is the most popular Ferris wheel in the world.

Visited by millions of people every year, it doesn’t offer only beautiful views of the entire London.

It’s also one of the most wanted event venues in the capital of Great Britain.

If you’re still not sure where to arrange your wedding lunch, consider this place.

Its greatest advantage is that you can rent a private capsule for your crew.

However, bear in mind that it can accommodate up to 25 people at once. So, you can’t host a full-range wedding reception there but it’s a perfect spot for a pre-wedding dinner for the bride, the groom, and their parents.

The only drawback is that it’s high so some guests might not feel comfortable up there, above the Thames.




The City is probably the most important business hub in the world after Manhattan.

Since many bridal couples are closely attached to this part of London, they might aim at a more central venue.

If you belong to that group of couples, think about Heeltap. It’s located on the south bank of the Thames, right across the City.

It has two different parts – a modern hall inside and a beautiful exterior part – which can accommodate all sorts of weddingparties

The courtyard is perfect for afternoon cocktails in the open or night parties in summer.

The interior part, on the other hand, is a perfect spot for wedding ceremonies held in winter or autumn.

3)Devonport House


Some business professionals who are about to get married might opt for a quieter and more secluded location.

Making such a choice makes sense when you want to organize a relaxing and tranquil event.

Let’s say that you’ve got enough of the rush and noise in the center. What’s more, you want your colleagues and business associates to feel something different at your wedding.

So, you decide to organize your business event away from the city center.

If you’re planning to do that in London, think about Devonport House in Greenwich.

Located close to Greenwich Park, it’s an oasis of peace and greenery in urban surroundings.

It offers a variety of meetings rooms and splendid outdoor areas. In the case of a bigger wedding reception, you can use the entire space, which might be of vital importance for some couples.

Furthermore, some bridal couples might want to organize their ceremony in a tranquil place overseas.

In that case, the exclusive wedding venue in College Station, Texas combines intact nature with marvelous service.


4)Ice Bar London


Those businesspeople who want to get married in a modern conceptual space should think about Ice Bar in London.

At -5° C, all the guests are guaranteed to have some cool time inside this bar made of ice.

The brainchild of a group of designers, artists, and enthusiasts, Ice Bar can host various events, from smaller wedding receptions to corporate events.

But if you’re planning to organize a wedding ceremony or dinner here, inform your guests beforehand.

If would be bad if any of them appeared there in summer clothes.

Also, due to the specific nature of this place, it would be wise to find out more about options for music in advance.

No matter if you’re planning to throw a wedding party of a corporate event at Ice Bar, bear in mind the importance of proper photography. This unique environment will make for beautiful photos so plan your photo session on time, as well. 

To make it stress free contact us for personalised experience. 

5)Hampton Court Palace


Placed in the lush surroundings of Bushy Park, Hampton Court Palace is a classy setting for a wedding reception.

Once a royal palace, it’s situated in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

So, if you want to run away from urban venues and modern interiors, this is a perfect option.

Its Tudor architecture and park around it make a perfect match for a wedding ceremony.

Your guests will not only be able to walk around the royal park but they will get the chance to feel what it looked like to be part of theBritish aristocracy.

In a nutshell, Hampton Court Palace combines the British tradition with contemporary design trends in a subtle way. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice for a bridal couple who wants for a conventional wedding with a touch of modernity.




Giving a wedding reception a corporate note isn’t an unusual thing to do these days.

If you’re already planning to have such a wedding, London is one of the top picks on a global level.

You can choose from traditional venues around the City to secluded, fancy places on the outskirts of London.

Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, you can throw your corporate-like wedding overseas, as well.

We hope that our guide will give you some new ideas regarding your wedding.

So, close your eyes, visualize your guest list, and try to imagine which of these places would be the best choice for you and them.


AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at theannexevents.com. He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.


12 strategies for successful use of your event photographs

February 08, 2019  •  2 Comments

The biggest marketing trend now is image centred rather than traditional text marketing. You need good corporate event photos and the right use of the images so that your media campaign will succeed. 

The goal is to get as many people as possible to attend, right? 

Below I share 12 easy to follow and low cost media strategies of how to use your past corporate event images to promote you brand and future events.

  • On your website – good quality corporate images are essential in brand presentation. 
  • Advertising future events on Facebook – use eye catching image to create an event and promote it on your business page cover. Easy for people to share and see immediately if landing on your page.
  • Creating short video with images from previous events on your social media accounts and website. Easy to make with free software available too. Highlights from last year’s event will tell people what to expect from your event.
  • Twitter – use photos to send positive visual message of previous events. Add your company’s logo and the event name to the image and tweet the photo to encourage new participants to participate
  • Giveaways - use fun catchy images to create giveaway for free event registration to a randomly selected person who shares your image and tags a friend. Who wouldn’t love a free attendance of a highly sought-after event.


  • Compliment your corporate presentations.
  • When featuring speakers. Use images featuring your speakers to share with your network. Include key event info and achievements of your speaker to shine spotlight on him. He will probably share with his network too.
  • Create visual proof of your brand success. You’ve build it up and helped the society. Tell this story.
  • When designing printable media. Whether it is a goal checklist, brochure, corporate invitation or event programme, good photos will help you create much more appealing paper.
  • Match with your testimonials. Images help people feel more connected with the story and emotionally involved.
  • Evoke reactions - Images cause immediate reaction, words takes longer.
  • Use in adverts for your mail list subscription.

There are all sorts of possible highly effective use of past event images. One thing is certain, our brain focuses and remember things better when they are visual.

Check here to see event photos from Daniella Petkoff Photography. Head over to our contact page to book a photographer for your event click.

We book for congresses, launches, workshops, conferences, brand presentation, corporate events and any business focuses events

When we begin to value our family photos?

January 28, 2019  •  6 Comments

When we begin to value our family photos? When we don't have anything else.

Everybody thinks he has time to do this and that. But time is not something we can hold back neither buy more if we need to. 

The only way is to use it very wise and treasure it. I am writing with me heart pounding as I am a true believer that we create our own happiness, enemies, fears, peace and memories from the past.

A mum told me recently, she lost her husband in an accident and they didn't have a good family photo together for the last 4 years. She was blaming herself of not taking photos every moment she could grab her phone or little camera. I was upset myself for her and felt her pain. To all honesty I have missed some moments too and we can’t be snapping 24/7 but the more the better. That way there is less chance of missing something special and totally forget in in 5 months’ time.

Family Portrait Photography and Fine ArtFamily Portrait Photography and Fine ArtFamily Portrait

This morning I was doing some yoga with my daughter. My youngest who is now 3 typically climbs on my back and plays around, but today he decided to join us and started doing the moved so nicely. Loved to watch him for the 3 minutes before he got bored of it. Missed the chance to take a photo and this will bug my whole Monday.

In today's world we have this image capturing devices everywhere and just a touch of a button will take a memory for us. The usual excuses like "I am cooking dinner now" or "Let me finish this and I'll join you" or "We'll come again another time" and on and on. 

No, this next time may never happen. Not all photos you possess have to be professional family portraits. Take a photo anyway. Even a little blurred or clothing stained or whatever you can still evoke the feeling of this moment in many years’ time. 

The truth is that this moments may not seem so precious now, but in 5, 10, 20 years’ time you will be digging in to find them. 

Family Portrait Photography and Fine ArtFamily Portrait Photography and Fine ArtFamily Portrait

Your kids will be asking to see your family images. This will be the only way they can recreate the past and keep the memory of missing people alive. Because let’s face it. None of us will be here forever. Some go sooner some later and we never know what is behind the corner. I wish everyone the best, long and healthy life but we need not to leave our family photo memories to the chance. We must create and store and love them. Like the mum I started with. She missed so many moments of fun together with dad and kids now don’t have much to see and hear him laughing again. Now she is a devoted image treasurer.

It is important for young and old to fuel the life with love and warmth from past experiences. It only takes a glance at an old family photo to bring everything back alive.

A family portrait is like a gem, it holds magic and the shine of people who gave us love and strength.

If you are still not convinced of the value in a family image, wait till it’s the only thing you have left.


#check out some family outdoor or studio portraits 


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The importance of family photography

December 04, 2018  •  10 Comments

Cuddle, love, kiss, play, you name it. Frankly be present in your child’s life.

You’ve heard this advice as a parent that we must be actively involved in listening, answering and participating in our kids’ lives and many of us truly try to utilise this advice. Most of us have thought about booking a family portrait photo session but it just hasn’t happened yet.     I am too busy, I need to lose 10 more pounds, I need to have my hair done and it is hard to get everyone together or “I don’t look good on photos”.……I’ve heard these many times.

If you have been thinking about having your family photo taken, do it. Do it for your kids. They will not notice the roots in your hair or the few extra pounds. They will only see your smile and remember the tight hugs and kisses. I assure you they will be disappointed if one day there is not enough photos to show their own kids. 

People move, children grow, families are separated for various reasons. Why I am presenting you with such a personal message? Because most of us realise the importance of photos when it is too late. Many of us start looking for photos of someone dear when he is gone. It is only natural, and we want to remember. Sometimes we laugh and are grateful for having these photos taken and sometimes with frustration as most photos you have are quick mobile snaps, very often blurry or low quality. And because I want you to stop and think of the importance of visual memories and the moments that are lost forever because there is never time. Life goes for good but the quiet pitter-patter of tiny feet concurring the stairs, or the big smile with the first tooth fallen out will be gone if you don’t capture this moment.

Winter funWinter fun

I don't remember much of my grandmother apart from her being always nice to us and trying to buy the entire range from the coffee shop’s morning range as she didn't know what we will like for breakfast. She was this sweet. But I do remember vividly one moment. Grandma was sitting tired in the shadow of the front porch and our dog was sleeping in her feet. I went to kiss her and cuddled in. This minute spend with her about 30 year ago is still alive in my memory only because my sister took a photo there and then. Many other moments are gone, and I try tricks to make my memories come back but they don't. When I see this photograph though everything comes alive. I can almost feel her smell and the summer breeze. Most of the memories of my childhoods are gone as photography gear and opportunities were not as many then as they are today, and I was too little to remember. If I had more photos like the one with my granny and doggy, I could’ve revived this memories and my past experiences, emotions, fears…. everything. I know how almost physically hurt I feel when I can’t revive a memory and I so want you not to experience the same in some years along the way.

Take photos yourself, book photo sessions, make selfies, anything to capture this second that will bring tears to your eyes later. Don't let a moment slip on unrecorded.

Baby holding onto his mum's feetBaby holding onto his mum's feetBaby holding onto his mum's feet Every moment you share with your loved once you believe you will never forget. But you will forget, and you kids will too. Especially when they grow up. They will fly off the nest and get on with their own lives. There is a cure for this and it is called family legacy. The family memory that lives along with generations and retells them the story of their existence.

It is amazing how good and proud we feel when we see our family portrait. It tells a story about creating this fabulous humans, about overcoming fears and arguments and stick together. The visual story of moments we shared. It teaches us to treasure more the present and not focus only on creating the future

The importance of family portrait to children self-esteem is enormous too. They become connected to their ancestors, to the beginning of their story and get to know themselves since they were growing in mummy’s belly.  They feel loved, celebrated and they know their belonging. They will remember all the emotion in a way words cannot express.

Do not pass on this without acting today. I urge you to print your family photos and hang them on the walls. Enlarge a professional photograph to document those emotions and stages of life on a regular basis as kids grow. Take photos and book professional family photo sessions regularly. And print.

Don’t excuse yourself with “I don’t look good on photos”. Everyone does look fabulous when they smile with their heart and enjoy the moment.  Get your extended family involved too. Great reason to get them all together.

Check out some of the families who have recently had their family portraits taken in Greenwich park and Eltham in South East London.

Read more about our outdoor family photo sessions in Greenwich and Eltham and book you own today.

The importance of headshot and why hire a professional photographer

October 10, 2018  •  3 Comments

You have only one chance for first impression. In person you can use your language and smiles to improve the first sight effect but in the online world you have only one single option - your profile headshot.

Would you be careful about any spelling or grammar mistakes in your cover letter? To portray the right image of you as a person, you need to carefully thought out your profile portrait too. It is vital in the world of business and professional networks. 

There are only 2 reasons people may look into your profile. If they are interested in the company/service, you represent or second is your photo.  And they will come to all sort of conclusions about you within the first seconds of seeing your picture. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so make sure your one-shot counts! 

Professional PortraitProfessional PortraitProfessional Portrait

Right, you got the message. But why hire a professional photographer and not really get your friend to do so for free. You are frankly your own brand and your portrait is your logo. You put enormous efforts creating this brand and evoking trust in your clients and partners. You don't do this with a selfie or a chef friend taking a photo of you with his camera. You had an injury and you need a physiotherapy to get back on your feet. Would you look out for a therapist or call your friend who is attending the gym every day? You are buying a home. Would you hire a surveyor or ask your teacher friend who happen to have a house for advice?

The reason to hire a professional photographer (like me) is ever so simple. We know our lighting, posing, composition, editing and so on to create the best image of you. Professionals seek other professionals because they are good at it and know all aspects of their job. And because as The LAB guys say: “A portrait is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what is in front of it”. And you want this shaped perfectly.  So, don't underestimate the impact of your headshot photo and cut yourself short.

Man Headshot portraitMan Headshot portraitMan Headshot portrait

LinkedIn's own research found that having a profile picture makes your profile 18 times more likely to be viewed by other professionals. So, what do you do apart from hiring a photographer? The important things to bear in mind when you plan your professional portraits photo session:

* SIMPLE - Less is more. Keep everything simple unless you are an artist and need a specific character portrait

* BACKGROUND - clean and non-distractive. You need the focus on yourself

* SLEEP - get a good sleep the night before your session 

* HAIR - get a haircut or style it to represent your best. Don't overdo with fancy hairdos. 

* OUTFIT - consider the industry you are representing, choose flattering clothing and If you are comfortable to go to an interview in this attire than go for it. 

* PERSONALITY - smile is fantastic but if you can't do this make yourself look approachable and friendly

* MAKE UP - book an artist to do a professional make up. They can accentuate your best features and hide flaws. (I work with a specialist too)

* DISCUSS with your photographer all details and what message would you like to convey with your portrait.


There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn alone. People are making deals and get hired through the network and it all begins with your own picture that creates great first impression and paves the path to achieve your goals.

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work with fabulous people trusting me to deliver their best virtual self. Get in touch now to book yours and shine bright.

To book you headshot session contact me here




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