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If you've read the About Me page you already know I’m Dani and have been behind the camera since 2010. I have blogged in the past a little but I’m excited to reveal new branding, website, and a fresh-faced blog. 

Here I will post fresh glimpses of newborn photography baby photography, family portrait sessions and some boutique weddings along with updates, special events and my views on hot topics in my field. I will also be sharing a little about my life as a photographer, mother of 3, wife, nurse, driver, handy girl and a number of other things. 

I hope you enjoy viewing the new site and I would love for you to follow my posts and comment! If you are interested in getting on my schedule I am booking photography sessions for 2018 and would love the opportunity to plan a baby photoshoot or family portrait session with you! Click here to get in touch.


What is a Fine Art Portrait for babies, children and adults?

October 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There is no specific definition or meaning of fine art photography or also knows as "photographic art", "artistic photography" and so on.

But if you have enjoyed luxury portraiture popular last few years you may well be interested in the newer elevated fine art photography form. 

Fine art is practically an art form created of a concept or idea. It is a visual piece solely appreciated for its aesthetic and imaginative content. It broadly depends on the creative vision of the photographer. Fine art photos are usually meant to be a wall display and are not representing the typical scene or subject. I.e they are not documentary style photographs but rather arty statement pieces representing the style and skills of the artist and the special concept applied.

Not cheap service but highly demanded and very unique to each separate piece. It also requires highly skilled and knowledgeable professional to make it well. In fact it is much cheaper than a private painting order but equally astonishing and beautiful on the wall. 

 You can see more Fine Art Portraits here.

Black and white fine art is always a classic. Colour version art piece is outstanding. Anything is possible.

If you are interested to order your very own unique portrait email Daniella Petkoff Photography on [email protected] or contact me here 


The prons and cons of older babies photography

September 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Newborn photography is typically done withing first 2 weeks maximum. There are a few very good reasons for that.

The baby is easy to curl up in the womb shape and pretty much any shape

Baby sleeps long periods

Colics haven't flared up yet

Baby acne is not yet around

Baby hasn't discovered stretching yet

All of the above turns the other way around with older babies photos and respectively it gets almost impossible to achieve the sweet curly poses. Not all is lost though as here comes the opportunity for a lifestyle photo session where baby is frankly left to do how they feel and I am capturing the best faces and poses I can get. An example below.

I am sharing here a beautiful photo collage of a young 4 weeks old lady who was a nightmare to put to sleep and I could only change her in 2 set ups with small variations in the baby outfit but look at that smiles.  Mum and dad just asked me to print these baby photos in 60x40" for their bedroom.

The cons are big but often I get expressions which are only existing for a brink of an eye.

Newborn photo sessions are held in my home studio in New Eltham, Gleenwich London. For lifestyle session please contact me to arrange


What are your pros and cons photographing newborn and older babies?


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15 ways to relax and the benefits of self care for new mums

September 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

“Maintaining the basic day-to-day with no extraordinary circumstances, keeping all those balls in the air, is a really demanding endeavour, and it leaves very little time for mums to be able to have fun, relax, rest and have downtime,” says Aimee Danielson, director of the Women’s Mental Health Program.

Relax. This is an advice every mum hear a few million times during raising her kids. It is however easier said than done. I have 3 kids on my own and relaxing is hard most of the times, but I’ve learned the importance of it and now sticking too few restful routines daily. 
To be ready for our children and family demands all the times can quickly burn us out and everything we should enjoy becomes a chore. That is why it is essential to plan times off parent duty. At end of the day a relaxed mum is an example of how to handle situations, how to enjoy life no matter what and how to give and receive love. 

Some quick examples of the benefits of rest and relax:

  • relaxed mum is happy, content and healthy
  • kids are prone to share more with a relaxed parent
  • children grow up feeling happy, secure and loved
  • children raised in relaxed atmosphere are less likely to have ADHD or anxiety 
  • relaxed mum raises children better settled in routine and having less tantrums 

It is often so easy to overlook your own wellbeing and you just can’t get around doing it. So what can you do.

Mother with baby sleeping on her chestMother with baby sleeping on her chestMother with baby sleeping on her chest

I’ve made a brief list of things which are achievable and should be fairly easy to implement in your family life.

  • SLEEP – a hard one, especially with a new baby or a toddler waking up a few times at night. Solution – don’t stay late at night. Leave the house as is and don’t bother too much. Snuggle with a book or a favourite magazine for a few minutes if you wish and go to sleep. Set up a reminder to push you out of the kitchen and go to bed.
  • HELP – surely someone had offered to help you out at certain times, but you refused right? “I am fine” is the typical answer. Be glad you have people caring for you and don’t refuse help 
  • MUSIC – if you love music don’t stop listening just because you are a mum and time is scarce. Put headphone and dance while cooking, lay in the park and connect with the ground and music at same time. 10 minutes should be enough. By the way if kids see you dancing they will jump with joy 
  • BATH – put kids to bed and ask you partner to prepare the bath for you. Than get a book and jump right into it. 
  • SCHEDULE DAYS OFF – once a month is not enough but is something. Talk to you partner to agree on a day when he can take care of kids for the entire day. Or another family member, mum, granny, auntie or just drop them to a friend. Go drive out of town, get a pack of popcorn and go to watch a comedy, go to a galley, book a massage, go fishing. Whatever you used to do and enjoyed before the kids. Don’t skip these days off. 
  • COFFEE or TEA – make a fresh cup and get out in the garden. Look at the birds, observe the tree bending on the wind and the forms rain drops make on the ground. Again 10 minutes would do wonders. Caffeine is not good if used too much but if you love coffee one a day shouldn’t hurt. 
  • VITAMINS – take vitamin supplements and introduce lots of fruits and veggies into your family diet. More energy and less sugar for everyone
  • EXERCISE – start with a few simple yoga poses for a couple of minutes and gradually increase. No need to spend long time or go to the gym. Just do it at home in your pyjamas for as long as you wish. You can also jog with a pram if your baby is little or simply take a long walk and try to spot details around you haven’t paid attention to before. If you set a goal here, you’ll something to work on for and be more motivated. 
  • DATES – meet with your partner for lunch and enjoy being just 2 of you for a short while again. If you can, schedule a weekend break
  • AVOID people that stress you out. It is contagious to be around stressed negative influence. 
  • LAUGH - Laughing releases endorphins to fight that stress and help you relax.
  • PLAN your day by priorities. If time runs out at least you do your most important things first
  • BREATH – take deep breaths regularly throughout the day. Inhale through your nose and exhale through mouth. Slowly and deeply. Make it 10 times
  • HOBBY – if you have one, don’t neglect it. If you don’t start one. I joined a knitting group every Thursday. Sewing, Karate, Cooking, Puppets making and so on.
  • SAY NO to things that drain you out. You don’t have to volunteer at every school activity.   

Breastfeeding new  motherBreastfeeding new motherA mother breastfeeding her new baby

Danielson says : “The question I ask mums is, ‘If you were choosing a child-care provider, and you had a choice between someone who seemed stressed, tired and overwhelmed versus someone who seemed rested, contented, happy and healthy, who would you want for your kids?’ ” and also “If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.”

A relaxed mum is the BEST MUM. Mum kids want to see, friends want to visit, and everyone will love to be around you. 

You’ve got to-dos to do, I have mine too. But let’s see how much fun you had today, what memories you made and leave the house to clean on its own.
Take care mums and dads if you read. Your kids need it, and you need it. The world needs happy kids, happy parents.

Enjoy great weekend and please pin and share this post if you think a friend might enjoy it!



Why should I have maternity photos taken?

September 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Feeling huge, puffed and bloated is almost a must in pregnancy right? Every mum to be I've met so far has been conscious more or less about her looks.

That is a big reason for many to completely forbid anyone with a camera to get close. I was the same with my first child.

Pretty much every woman has had these feelings even only for a short period of time. 

So why on Earth should you have maternity photo session at all?

Let me give you a few reasons before time runs out. 

You may never feel like that again.

You may never look that again.

You may never see that baby belly again.

Your child would LOVE to see itself in your belly. Kids fell in awe here.

You will crave you pregnancy time and will come back to these photos and all memories with flood again.

Your partner would love your maternity photos of that time. 

mum to be outdoor photo session


You may joke with him in a few years time how puffy you looked and how you walked toddling around like a duck but these will be sweet and bonding memories for the whole family. This is the time you became parents and created a human being. This is huge. You can not ever regret having pregnancy photos taken. 

Even if you change like 30 kilos and are almost unrecognisable this is what life is. This is what you went through to have this baby. We change all the time, we move ahead and live and carry our memories with us. Our children look at us for example and they must see proud, loving people with no regrets. 

For maternity photo sessions in Greenwich area, South East London,  please email me.

Images from an outdoor maternity photography session, Greenwich park, London

Newborn photography, is it worth it?

August 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes to newborn photography I often come across discussion on various forums about the value of it and is it worth it.

My impression is all end up with same conclusion, it is beautiful, cannot be compared to snaps taken from family and are priceless. 

The argument though always rotates around the style of photos where some people love the squishy staged newborn poses and others prefer more lifestyle natural looking newborn images with the gorgeous professional finishing. 

This however is very easy to resolve just by discussing the look you prefer for your end product or browse and find a photographer which style fit you well. All reputable baby photographers near you will be able to offer various styles and even try new approaches to make family happy. 

baby girl wrapped in white sleeping on a pink blush blanketbaby girl wrapped in white sleeping on a pink blush blanketbaby girl wrapped in white sleeping on a pink blush blanket

This is what some mums reply on the question Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

Chloe - I didn't do it with DD and really regretted it as the photos you take yourself just don't compare

Titus - I had a session for my twins when they were just over a week old, and I'm really glad I did. She came to my house and the photos were very natural: natural light, both babies cuddled up asleep with a blanket draped over them.

Havetothink - Not worth it to me, use a decent camera, make sure it's in focus and your pictures will be worth as much to you as any professional's. I don't like the staging, just take a picture when the baby is fed and content. Lay them on a nice blanket or bean bag if you want a bit of extra colour/texture.

Kimberley - I did it for both my boys and plan to do it again with pumpkin.  Luckily my husband didn't need any convincing.  Pictures are the one thing that he will let me spend a little more on vs clothing, toys, ect.  Pictures will last for ever but all the other things we buy for baby will be used and outgrown before you know it.  

Carcas - God yes, a million times over. I've seen a few moms opt to do it themselves and none of them have impressed me. They jus look like a regular photo with failed attempts to awkwardly pose the baby. There's a lot to be said for someone that not only has a quality camera, but also knows posing, props, and photoshop.

Sugar - I have gotten them done for my first 2 and will again this time. It is expensive and if you're struggling financially, maybe try doing your own pics at home but I have never regretted getting them done. I love the photos so much and still look at them all the time and they look amazing on my photo wall.

Rachel - Having professional photos done properly is definitely not the same as having photos on your phone, I seriously doubt you would ever regret having them done :)

Kristen - Lord so worth it! I look at our dd’s photos and swoon over them all the time.

baby in mum's handbaby in mum's handnew born baby in mum's hand

It is overwhelming how many mums value the baby photos and had never regretted. Surely there will be always people who doesn't see the value and will attempt to do it themselves. Still good but not the best result possible. 

So why is it worth than...

It is timeless. The more time passes the more you realise how much more often you look back at these photos and want to remind yourself of every little detail. It is your masterpiece creation and your brain will start to fade out the memories of older days. There your photo memories will come in place.

Your toddler would love to see himself on the wall and will be pointing out on the portrait for years. This is your statement for him that you love, cherish and treasure his place in your life. It comes to show him what a special part he is of that family and assert the understanding he belongs there.

You hire a professional photographer for all your big days. Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations etc. How can you miss the birth or first few days of new baby’s life? The use of light is essential skill. Don't ever trust a photographer using flash. This is dangerous for your infant eye sight. The baby must be handled with care, knowledge and precision in order to take the best shot of little details and so cute face expressions. New parents with no experience may sometimes unintentionally damage baby trying to make some poses or just taking a simple baby photo. Most people for example will just place their camera on auto and point and shoot. BEWARE your flash may damage badly baby eyes.

A professional is such for a reason. They know what and how to do it to follow the baby lead and make sure baby safety is paramount. Whatever your thoughts, talk to your baby photographer. She will be able to advice and guide you and also discuss the style of photos you are after. If you want to chat with me about it click here.

Price is another reason for many people to skip the newborn portraits. In that case you may just ask for payment plan. Many photographers offer such for a greater flexibility and not to stretch family budgets too much. I will discuss the pricing in detail in a separate blog post.

I am excited to hear all your thoughts on the subject and will try to answer all questions below.


Want to know

Glad to hear all your topic ideas. Email me.

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