Daniella Petkoff Photography | Wedding at St. Bartholomew Church. London

Wedding at St. Bartholomew Church. London

August 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Different experience with this lovely couple and their wedding coordinator. I was a bit worried before going to photograph this lavish wedding in St.Bartholomew Church in London as I was told the administration is very tough and strict and it will be hard to take decent images. Not that I usually listen but I can't spoil clients event so I sneaked back to the pianist and asked him if I can pop up on a chair :) Naughty isn't it.

He was such a nice gay and let me step up on the chair. Phuh, easy,  what better angle I've got from there and on contrary of all my expectations the wed coordinator jumped out and told me off angrily. ???. The priest doesn't seem to mind but this furious lady never looked at me again. 

I did of course explain that I've asked before stepping up but she really didn't bother to listen. I keep asking myself what is it with people waking up facing the pillow (an awkward saying for a grumpy someone in a bad day :) ) 

Well, I've got my revenge at the end as she actually loved the images :):):). No hard feelings. Gooorgeous couple, magnificent dress and such a beautiful bride. I've had great time and I am happy everyone is delighted with the photos. I love my work :)


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