Daniella Petkoff Photography | Newborn baby portraits and photography - how valuable they really are?

Newborn baby portraits and photography - how valuable they really are?

January 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We see lots of beautiful and pretty things in live but there is nothing as pure and magical as a newborn baby, is there? Probably only a parent can understand that statement :)
I love babies since my teenage years and thought I know what it is all about....how overbold. I only understood how deep that love and tenderness are after giving birth myself. It feels like it comes from the deepest deep of the Earth's womb, through my feet and up my body straight into my heart. Embedded there forever. 
I believe I speak on behalf of all mothers. Dad's please, no offence. Tell me in the comments below how it is for you. I would love to hear. I am only a mum and can speak from mother's experience.
Well, are baby portraits so valuable?
They are not just valuable, they are priceless! One can style pretty much everything else but this first days of life. In few years you won't remember all this magnificent moments, the way your baby can fit in your palm, the sweetest pouts, the mini size of their living feet and hands, the way they curl up. Their faces and expressions change every day.
The only way to perpetuate this flashes of splendor in time is to capture them in images.
They will always evoke the emotions you felt when you first met your baby and will melt your heart. These images will be your treasure for ever.
What is your experience? Share at the bottom.


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