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Gay Wedding at Mayfair Library and Hollywood Arms

August 02, 2015  •  6 Comments

Shooting a wedding is stressful enough on its own. When I was asked to photograph a gay wedding for a first time I was initially very glad and truly excited. I've worked with gay people in the past (not as a photographer though) and had only good memories of funny, caring and gentle boys. 
However I've also heard stories of such events going terribly wrong and after the initial excitement I got cold feet. Was I prepared enough, did I had experience working in such intimate private matter with gay people? Well honestly no. 
I can now admit that I was nervous and had doubts but I shouldn't have.
Apologies Gabo & Carlitos. You are both great people and I wish I had no worries before your big day. It may have been hormonal due to my late pregnancy though. Anyway it only lasted till I got to the small garden behind the Mayfair Registry Office and met you two. Both dressed perfectly balanced with every little detail well considered. 
I can now gladly confirm these boys were prepared and capable of organizing a fantastic day, sure better than many fashionista brides. The entire event was very well planed and all guests delighted with the little surprises throughout the day. From the get together the day before, the champagne outdoor reception in glass flutes, the old red double Decker to drive guests through city, white and purple bags of sweets, personalized water bottle labels all the way from Mexico and the chance to take a selfie in the photo corners all the way to the fabulous cake.  All brilliant ideas and execution. 
Have a fantastic life together Gabo and Carlitos and thank you.


Beautiful story about these two lovely grooms!
Hope Davis(non-registered)
You ah e a great eye for the details.
Same sex weddings are a huge favourite of mine! From my experience there's just so much more energy, and things going on! Love the story about this wedding, what a great couple and I hope you shoot more same-sex weddings now in the future with no nerves or doubts!
What a delightful wedding for two wonderful grooms!
What a beautiful wedding for two very handsome grooms!
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