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Newborn photography SEO practices

November 02, 2017  •  2 Comments

If you are anything like me you hate SEO, rankings, social media self-promotion and all the fuss around marketing and networking.

Yes, I know, you are an artist not a market guru right? Just like me. I'd rather work on my baby photos and digital backdrops than plan Twitter strategy for 6 months ahead. But hey this is what the modern business requires. So to spare the troubles myself, I decided to hire a specialist to work this out for me. She wrote a detailed review of my website and to no one surprise there were some refinements to be done. To clarify for the reader when I started my new born photography business most of everything I had to do myself including my website. Thus the fine tuning was not existent. Long story short. All fixed with my web consultant help now. 

I want to share with you one of her articles which I found quite useful. It is written in a language I understand and not at all complicated or confusing. I've managed to implement her advices on my newborn and babies photography business website but certainly they can improve any niche business presence. And if I can do this on my own sure you all can do it too. Check it out here and get help if marketing is not your cup of tea. 

Baby boy smiling in his dreams. Great content deserves great rankingBaby boy smiling in his dreamsBaby boy smiling in his dreams




Oh man I do hate SEO! It can be so tricky! As a photographer I feel your pain. Such great tips from East Londons best newborn photographer!
What great tips for helping your photography business with SEO! Daniella Petkoff Photography, you're the best!
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