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When to book and what to wear for maternity photo session

March 27, 2018  •  8 Comments

When is the best time to have pregnancy photoshoot taken?” As a Maternity/Newborn Photographer I hear this question over and over again. After having three children of my own, I know that the body changes often from one child to the next. To help you out feeling more comfortable with scheduling your session, I would advise to plan your pregnancy photos taken between 28 to 36 weeks. If your body shape is defined and your belly is nicely rounded around 23 weeks you don’t necessarily need to wait till you reach 28-36 period. Most importantly you’ll need to know your body has transformed into a cosy home for a new human being. It is magnificent to watch and experience at any stage.

You’ll need to book your maternity photo session as soon as you had your first scan around 13 - 16 weeks to secure your photographer’s availability. Good professional photographers usually don’t do more than a session or 2 per day and are typically booked months ahead.

What to wear? Relax and plan ahead. Your photographer should be able to guide you through the process for your Mum To Be photo session stress free. The last thing you need to worry about is a pregnancy photoshoot.

Lighter colour garments accentuate better the idea of new life, magic and purity. Your clothing choice will depend on the type of maternity photo session you’ve booked. If it is an outdoor in the nature session you may choose more pastel neutral colours and casual style. If the session is outdoor but urban style than brighter yet light colours and boots will add some charm to the photos. If pregnancy photoshoot is in a studio consider adding fun shoes because once you have the baby, fashion might not be priority on the agenda.  This is also a wonderful time to accessorize with jewellery, scarves and head pieces. Stretchy fabrics are ideal to emphasize the shape of your belly or dresses belted under your bust. It highlights the smallest part of your body and creates beautiful curve to the figure.

Whatever you choose don’t hide the bump…we need to see it, that’s the point! You will most likely have the option of one change but bring more clothes with you. Your photographer will help you pick. Comfort is key when it comes taking a good picture. Even if you’re the most photogenic person in the world, wearing clothes you don’t feel good in will read in your pictures. Yet bump is the main subject here. 

Your underwear matters. Seamless panties are good option and make sure your bra fits well. You don’t want an overflow on your images.

Maternity portraitMaternity portraitHigh key maternity portrait

A couple of hours before your maternity session apply good moisturiser on your skin. This will reduce some itchiness which is common during the stretchy period and will make the skin glow gently for the photoshoot. Avoid greasy, oily creams.

Use of props. Many mums to be like to have a photo with cute baby shoes or some other props. Beware the use of props is fine but have a talk with your photographer about the details before the shoot. There is a delicate difference between something cute and something cheesy.

And finally, but very important, you may find yourself not exactly comfortably in the shape of your changing body. So why bother even considering maternity photoshoot? You’ll notice your skin starts to glow and everyone will tell you, you are radiant. Well, that is true. You have a hormonal battle going inside and may not realise this, but you are truly beautiful. Your body works the most magnificent wonder in the world to be a home for a new person. You want to leave this legacy behind. One day you will be grateful you did this pregnancy photoshoot  and your child will be too.


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